Talladega County Economic Development Authority
Fifteen county, eight city elementary and secondary public schools, and three private schools.

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Primary and Secondary Education

Sylacauga City Schools

Sylacauga City Schools

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Sylacauga's school system is excellent. Its pupils score above state and national averages on standardized tests. Sylacauga High School and East Highland Middle School were awarded Certificates of Excellence in Education in 1985 U.S. competition.
In 1988 the Sylacauga City Schools Foundation was formed. The foundation raises funds to aid Sylacauga schools in their continuing quest for excellence, focusing on areas such as expanded instruction in music and art, increased academic competition, additional interaction with professionals such as scientists, authors, etc., and other enrichment opportunities.

Talladega City Schools

Talladega City Schools are dedicated to the development of the total child. Continuing threads of service in all programs include instruction in basic subject area, library, music, computer training, and physical and social development. Expanded educational opportunities are also available. Five elementary schools, a middle school, a junior high school and a senior high school serve approximately 4,000 students.

Talladega County Schools

Talladega County Schools have a revised and extensive curriculum designed to make its 8,500 students competitive in the college and job markets through the 1990's. Capital improvements provide comfortable classrooms and buildings conducive to learning. Talladega County students are served in fourteen schools throughout the county.


Talladega County Economic Development Authority